Master Clinical Hypnotist LIFE COACH & Hypnotherapist, Bo Sebastian

About Bo Sebastian
Author, Consulting Clinical Hypnotist
Boga FitnessTMInstructor, Vegetarian Chef, and
Vocal Coach


Bo Sebastian proudly wears the hat of renowned, consulting, clinical hypnotist in Nashville.  He has earned accolades that range from fifteen successful years in private practice, to national certification, to recently revealing his cutting-edge, dual-messaging hypnosis techniques on The Learning Channel. In 2008 he was a  faculty member at the National Guild of Hypnosis World Meeting in Massachusetts.

Initially, Sebastian had spent the majority of his Hypnosis practice focusing on three basic issues: Weight Loss, Smoke Cessation, and Life Coaching. 



Bo Sebastian and Belle Bridge Books offer the first book of Bo's most recent series"The Guide to Understanding Men."  As you move through the website, take a look at some of his other works.  Simply click the buttons above to maneuver through the site. You can also blog on this site about relationships and relationship iss
ues by pressing the "Guide" button and moving to the sub-link for the Blog. 


For weight loss he develops an individual diet plan, drawing on his studies while ghostwriting a nationally known fitness book and also his own cookbook, The Protein-Powered Vegetarian. 


He then maps out an exercise plan, using his yoga and Pilates studies.  Sebastian also teaches yoga at the Green Hills YMCA in Nashville on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9 am. 


Sebastian tells stories of many weight-challenged individuals who say they have no time for exercise or meal preparation.  Within fifteen minutes he finds ways for them to begin increasing healthy heart, legs, and core function with something as simple as bouncing on a fitness ball while watching a thirty-minute television program. 

You may recognize Sebastian from teaching cooking on Channel 5's Talk of the Town or at Wild Oats (now Whole Foods) or at the Southern Women's Show.   Using his proven cooking techniques, he often will take time to teach
some basic food preparation to those weight loss clients who have little or no understanding of cooking.  Sebastian says, "Nothing I cook takes longer than thirty minutes to prepare.  Fresh food and healthy choices take minimal planning, but provide necessary nutrients and energy to undo illness and body aches and pains that have accompanied unhealthy lifestyles."

Find out more about Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching by pressing the "Consulting Hypnotist" Tab to the left of his picture.

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