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"I never had an urge to smoke again. It was never a struggle for me. Ever. I am eternally grateful to Bo for giving me my life back. He is a gifted, loving soul whose compassion and desire to help others is nothing short of remarkable."      

Kerrie L. Cooper, CooperMarking Services, Pres. 

"I began working with Bo this past April and to date have lost 53 lbs (4 months). I certainly feel better physically, but hypnotherapy has also made a difference in my outlook on life and feelings about self.  I still have considerable weight to lose, and now I know it is possible.  Bo, I am thankful for your abilities as a hypnotist, life coach and visionary…".   Nancilynn 

It's a fact that clinical hypnosis can help you quit cigarette smoking and lose weight. We are now doing the Latest in Hypnosis: NonMedical, Hypnosis Lapband Surgery. Basically, your mind believes you have had the surgery, that your stomach has shrunk, and you eat lots less and lose weight. The subjects have shown the proof. It works and helps many. Try it out.  The cost is substantially less (4 sessions for $495) and there is no recovery time.

Call now for information: 615-400-2334.

But did you know it can also help relieve pain and help you with insomnia?

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*   Bo Sebastian's Choice Clinical Hypnosis, serving Nashville for 21 years, has been facilitating healing hypnosis to thousands of people for such things as smoke cessation, weight loss, insomnia, alleviating fears, increasing study habits, regression and more.

*   For Smoke Cessation he provides an understanding of the process of quitting, especially for those who have been smoking for many years.  He looks at the psychology of a smoker, the hook, and what it will take to detach from this habit.  The process concludes with a 30-minute healing hypnosis session.

*   For Weight Loss he has designed a fool-proof diet and exercise plan to combat the worst-case scenarios of overeating and resistance to exercise.  He combines this, of course, with the same deep healing hypnosis work.  (Buy Hypnosis Weight Loss MP3's here for $5.99)

*   For Pain Management he provides three easy steps to lifting your mind from your pain center.  Through the important healing hypnosis work, he helps the subconscious mind reframe your ability to manage pain.

*   For any other reason you may need to facilitate healing in your mind or body, hypnosis may be the nonprescriptive modality to change your life.

Let's talk about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is not magic.  Hypnosis is not a religion.  Hypnosis is a psychological theory that distinguishes three divisions of the mind:

1. The fight or flight portion, which is the voice of fear, hunger, lust and pain.
2. The reasoning, conscious center of the mind, where we control our bodies and actions.
3.  The subconscious, dreaming, or creative portion of the mind.

Breaking the Bonds of Deep-Seated Beliefs and Habits

All habits are held in the subconscious portion of the mind.  To get to this place, you must let the conscious mind rest.  While it is resting in Trance, which feels like the time just after you press the snooze button of your alarm clock, the hypnotherapist begins to reframe the subconscious, by facilitating a disconnect with old thoughts and planting healthy seeds of new thoughts. 

When the client awakens, he or she will feel refreshed, cleansed, and eighty percent of the time, washed of the deep-seated issue that once kept him or her from stopping a bad habit.

True Statements about Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis is not mind control.  It requires the cooperation of the client.
  • Hypnosis is the bridge linking the mind to the body.
  • Hypnosis can often bring an altered, soothing, and peaceful state of awareness. 
  • Hypnosis can help you regain your power or any skill or ability that has been filed way back in the mind.
  • Hypnosis is a stress reliever.
  • The words trance or sleep are synonyms for hypnosis.
  • Anyone can be hypnotized if he or she is not on a medication that causes hyper or jumpy feelings.
  • The ideal hypnotic subject: wants to be hypnotized, is willing to cooperate, has a good visual imagination, and is intelligent enough to understand the explanations given and play a full part in the proceedings.
Are there any side effects?

The answer is a resounding YES!  But they are all good ones!  Hypnosis facilitates relaxation, alleviates stress, accesses the deepest power of strength within you, and helps you get a great night's sleep.

This all means a healthier and better you!

So, call now for more information and book a time to make Healthy Changes!

Private Sessions facilitated at Choice Hypnotherapy:


Smoking Cessation $79
Fee for 3 - $200

Weight Loss $95
Fee for 3 - $260
Fee for 5  - $425

All other Hypnotherapies $95

Fee for 3 - $260

Group Rates:
For as Low as $9.50 a person
Call 615-445-8861 for Group Rates!


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Private Hypnotherapy Sessions in Nashville FOR:

Phobias Habits Past-Life Regression

Self-Esteem Pain Management Performance

Relaxation Dieting Smoking

Procrastination Insomnia Depression



What You Might Not Know:

  • Hypnosis accelerates the rate of change in habits in a vast majority of clients, working deeply into the subconscious mind to restore health--where it hurts.
  • Our sessions are designed to help anyone desiring to make a change for the better.
  • Hypnosis combines practical relaxation and breathing techniques with positive subconscious programming.
  • A recording of most sessions is provided to the client for positive practice. For Smoking and Weight Loss Sessions, a prerecorded CD is also available.
Choice Hypnotherapy was created by Nationally Certified Consulting Clinical Hypnotist and 2008 National faculty member, Bo Sebastian.




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Pain Management:
Bo Sebastian has changed my life for the better in a huge way. I've dealt with debilitating neuropathic pain for several years, as well as hypersensitivity to certain sensory stimuli like touch and sound (caused by changes to my brain due to the chronic pain). I'd gone to a number of psychologists for help in dealing with all this, without much luck. I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy -- I thought it sounded completely out there -- but I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Frankly, I was amazed. After just one session, I felt much calmer and able to deal with the pain. Over the course of a year, Bo has helped me find ways to live life so that it's not dominated by pain and hypersensitivity. Even more importantly, Bo has helped me understand how my medical condition affects the people in my life; my marriage is so much stronger because of his insights and counsel. Bo is a compassionate person who truly understands people and how to help them... giving hypnotherapy a try will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself.
Kristin H.
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Quitting Smoking:
I had been a smoker most of my adult life. I started out like a lot of people do, smoking in social situations...only when I was drinking...only with my morning coffee...until it became a full-fledged pack a day habit. My parents smoked, too. But when I was twelve years old, I came home from school bawling my eyes out, begging both of them to quit because I had just seen a documentary film about how smoking can kill you.

 My dad quit that day cold turkey. His will only was surpassed by his love for his daughter. That was 35 years ago.  Sadly, my mom, 76 now, still smokes. Her reasons for smoking were a lot like mine when I was in the thick of my addiction. I smoked when I was happy and celebrating. I smoked when I was sad and alone. I smoked when I was stressed and angry. I even smoked on my way to and from working out. Talk about a walking contradiction! 

 I had absolutely no strength over this ugly habit. I tried to quit on my own many many times without any success. Don't you know, one of the above emotions was bound to come up and when it did, I went running to the store to buy a pack just because I...  (insert excuse here). This started a vicious cycle that lasted about 4 years. My husband didn't understand. But no one would beat me up better than me. I felt like such a loser and started to literally hate myself. I would look at other people at stop lights and think to myself: how do you get through your day without smoking? I would watch other people eating dinner or out drinking and I couldn't fathom how they could do that without a cigarette.

 I was desperate when I found Bo. But I was also committed to do anything to quit. I firmly believed there was a switch somewhere in my brain that just needed to be turned off.  I needed to be re-programmed. I have never experienced hypnotherapy before, but innately understood and believed in its power. On the way to his office, I felt more calm than I had in a long time. I was resigned to quit. I was ready. I had one smoke on the way there, and told myself it was my last one forever.

 I fell in love with Bo immediately. He was warm and compassionate, and put me at ease. It's funny, but I remember thinking during the process, "Is this working? Is this really working?" I didn't want to fail at this! But I don't remember a whole lot after those thoughts.  What I do remember is, I hugged Bo and thanked him. I got to my car. I caught a glimpse of my face in the rear-view mirror as I was pulling away and I had mascara running down my face. I instinctually lifted my hand to my eyes and realized that I had been crying. I called Bo from the car and he said, "Of course you were crying. You were letting go of your best friend." His words stayed with me for years. I finally understood the core of my addiction, which was deeply emotional.

 As I drove away that day, I had the profound feeling as if I had just been given a gift. Everything seemed new. I was filled with a sense of hope. I was light hearted. I listened to the CD that Bo had provided me religiously for 2 weeks. It was therapeutic for me and never ceased to put me in a trance. 

 I never had an urge to smoke again. It was never a struggle for me. Ever. I am eternally grateful to Bo for giving me my life back. He is a gifted, loving soul whose compassion and desire to help others is nothing short of remarkable.

 Kerrie L. Cooper, CooperMarking Services, Pres. 

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 About Weight Loss:

 I came to Hypnotherapyas a last resort for weight loss.  Over the years I had tried nearly every type of weight loss program imaginable with little success.  I began working with Bo this past April and to date have lost 53 lbs (4 months). I certainly feel better physically, but hypnotherapy has also made a difference in my outlook on life and feelings about self.  I still have considerable weight to lose, and now I know it is possible.  Bo, I am thankful for your abilities as a hypnotist, life coach and visionary….   Nancilynn

Break-through Concerning Food and Weight Loss:

I just had to write and tell you about my breakthrough I had last night...  :)

I had been doing really well sticking with the right foods, the right exercise, etc until I got home last night and I was so tired and achy I just didn't have it in me to move from the sofa to make dinner (or do much else for that matter) so I ordered in.  I had already decided that I was ok with it, that no one is perfect 100% of the time, and I would get right back on the bandwagon with the next meal (which I did this morning). 

However as I took the first few bites of the take out food, my perception completely shifted and it was almost as if i was outside of myself for a split second, watching myself eat this food that was not good for me.  In that instant all the things that I have been trying to "hide" from or to "bury" with food came right up to the surface of my consciousness, and in the next instant I found myself in the fetal position just sobbing. 

I thought I was having a nervous breakdown at first! :)  Seeing and hearing all the reasons I have been more comfortable overweight on a subconscious level playing out as scenes in my mind, completely feeling the emotions that I was trying to push down and bottle up or avoid altogether in absolute clarity... 

I felt like my mind was going to burst it was so overloaded with scenes and images and emotions.  Once it had passed, though, I saw it for what it really was - the last layer of my "wall" coming down and the breakthrough I needed to allow in order for me to keep moving forward successfully.  I realized I was finally at a place where I felt safe enough to let it collapse. 

I was able to finish that take out food viewing it as nothing more than food - and in doing that I realized how much I had really equated food with the unconditional love and acceptance that I didn't feel I was worthy of from anyone or anything else (even myself - perhaps especially myself).  I know I still have a lot of growth and change ahead of me that needs to happen, but I feel as if the glass ceiling that has kept me from making progress in the past has finally cracked and true progress is finally within my reach again.  :)

I am grateful to the Universe for pointing me in your direction.  I know that I have made this progress myself and not had it made for me, and I am so grateful and proud of myself to have been able to do so.  At the same time, working with you is the catalyst that is allowing me to begin to see myself from the vantage point of truth and clarity rather than masks and illusions, and for that I am grateful to you.  I am looking forward to the next breakthrough!  :) 


Lis ;-)

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Anxiety for Mother and Daughter:

I met Bo Sebastian because I was looking for a clinical hypnotist for someone else.  Yep, I found him on the Internet!  I had tremendous reservations about my choice and committed to going with my relative as her “safety link.”  I had a major list of “must have” and “must be,” and the poor guy, he didn’t even know it!

When we arrived, he was not what I expected.  Instead of a chilly clinical atmosphere, we walked into warmth, comfort, and peace!  Instead of the “I’m well and you’re crazy” stereotypical entity of my nightmares, we met a “real person.”  His very humanity scared me and I was taken more aback by this than if I had found what I expected to find.  I almost took my relative by the hand and spirited her away!  Thank goodness, I didn’t.

She loved him immediately.  He grew on me.  I learned that being professional, and he certainly is that, doesn’t mean being cold and aloof.  Being professional doesn’t mean being prying or invasive.  Bo’s brand of professionalism means openness to individuality, observing without preconception, listening without being silent, supporting without condescending, disagreeing without judgment.  He isn’t afraid to let his patients see a bit of himself but he withholds just enough to maintain the patient/therapist relationship. We booked several more sessions without hesitation.

During the course of my relative’s therapy, he brought me into the treatment in a gentle and accepting manner.  When he suggested that I might, too, benefit from a few sessions, I decided to comply.  I knew I was a powerful influence in my relative’s life, and if I could learn anything that would aid me in supporting her recovery, I was willing.  I also knew that I had some “minor” anxiety problems, a few mildly phobic tendencies, and still felt myself to be in a grief-stricken mode, having lost my mother seven years before.  Even I knew I should be coping better than I was.

I was really nervous when I went to my first session as a patient instead of in my “protective bear suit,” but by this time I could see the help he had given my relative, and I had also admitted to myself, painfully, that I had a few issues that should be brought forth instead of buried and denied. 

That first session took me totally by surprise.  I fully intended to talk about my role in my relative’s life, the positive and the not so positive aspects of our extremely close relationship, and how I might best help her to recover. Instead, I couldn’t STOP talking about me!  Poor Bo.  Where does he get his patience?  I told him very personal things, going back to my childhood, my adolescence, young adulthood, motherhood, and on to “who I was” at this point.  I told him about my thought processes, my egoist tendencies,  my total and complete adoration of my mom, and the devastating effect her death had had on me.  I brought up my fears, my deliberate false fronts which protected my tender core from everyone who tried to get close, and I admitted that I hated growing old.  I told him that I did not like who I was at this point! I just missed who I “used to be.”

I will go into no further detail about my issues.  Suffice it to say, Bo Sebastian got it all out of me!  After that first session I cried for hours.  It felt very cleansing and I couldn’t wait to see him again.  My other sessions proved equally productive and I began to notice subtle changes in myself.  My grief began to lighten.  I seemed to be more accepting of my unavoidable aging processes.  I was worrying less, getting out more, and communicating better with my loved ones.  I found that I could still play, now and then and being so serious every minute was not a plus.  My future took on a brighter outlook and one day I just “realized” that my self-image to this point had been very fragmented. 

It became apparent that as I grew physically from one stage of life to the next, the old me didn’t come along!  There was no growth process!  I just stopped being who I was and became someone else!  The “real me” just got covered up and I simply assumed the identity that everyone expected at the time.  The only thing I carried forward was the grief and loss I felt because I deeply missed the parts of me I thought of as “dead and gone.”  Bo Sebastian helped me find and resurrect those long gone parts of myself and with his hypnosis and therapeutic talents, he showed me how to blend all those fragmented parts into one cohesive whole, an individual with strengths and weakness based on a lifetime of experiences, all gleaned from the many individuals I had been.  He helped me to see that every “persona” I had ever worn was equally important to my natural progression and that I had never “lost” any one of them!  Most importantly, he helped me realize that my mother was not lost to me either.  I still had all the wonderful parts of her, inside of me.  I now understand that she remains the central core of who I am.  I am the indisputable product of her existence, her influence, her value system, and I am the fortunate beneficiary of her tremendous capacity to love unconditionally.   It was those very traits that lead me to Bo in the first place.

Bo Sebastian has a great many gifts, but if I have to name the one that probably drives all the others, it would simply be his “ability to love the unlovable.” 

As a sidebar, may I add that my relative, who continues therapy with him, has reached a new level of mental and physical health that she has not enjoyed in her entire lifetime?

Thank you, Bo… Mikola W.

About Life Coaching/Anxiety:

This spring I found myself stuck in a malaise of indecision regarding some career and relationship decisions.

I sought out hypnotherapy and I am so glad I did. Bo was able to bring me out of the fog and find the clarity I needed to make a good decision.

I have listened to my therapy session that he recorded for me since then and it's always a wonderful experience.

I know of no other therapy that produces such a quick result. I have recommended Bo many times to friends who find themselves in need of a jump start for change….Peg N.

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About Undoing the Past:

Intuitive and kind, Bo Sebastian is uniquely suited to be a hypnotherapist.
I have seen Bo a number of times over the course of a few years.  With his
help I have found a freedom from childhood trauma that I didn't think was
possible.  Hypnotherapy with Bo has been a way for me to leave behind some
of the baggage of the past.  It has also enabled me to live with a newfound
joy.  If you are looking for freedom, hypnotherapy with Bo is well worth the
investment of time and money.  JT

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About Weight:

Bo,  I just wanted to thank you.  Even though we have known each other for almost 10 years I had not availed myself of your skill at hypnosis until this past couple of months.  I guess it takes me longer than some to work up a head of steam. After our 2 sessions of hypnosis I have found that there has been a shift in the way I eat and in the way I view food. I have lost weight to be sure, but the shift in the way I see myself in relationship to food has been the aspect that I believe will last much longer than a mere diet for weight loss.  I have battled a weight problem since I was a child. I don’t feel at war any longer; more like reconstruction with a new mindset. Thank you again for the caring way that you conduct your sessions and the results that those sessions bring.....Keith Allen

About Smoking and Job Transition:

I first came to Bo Sebastian for hypnosis to stop smoking.  We immediately connected due to his caring and warm nature.  With his help, I was successful in quitting smoking after just a few sessions.

I continued to see Bo for hypnosis therapy during a forced job transition.  Our work together gave me the confidence to pursue other opportunities during a tough time.  I have great faith in his ability to help individuals and I have recommended his services to family and friends. 

Lee M., Nashville TN

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About Weight Loss/Finding Your Voice:

Over the past several years I’ve relied on your unique method of hypnosis for quitting smoking, weight loss and those times when I just can’t seem to get it all together. Music, combined with your soothing voice and individualized sessions have worked wonders. When I drove away as a non-smoker after only one session, I couldn't believe the craving for nicotine had disappeared. Eating did NOT take it's place and I had no fear of weight gain. The renewed mental clarity and physical calm after a session gives me peace and makes me feel whole again. 


And, I’m so glad you teach voice! In a short time, I have such a better understanding of how and where sounds are created. Thank you so very much for the positive impact you continue to make in my life. I will continue to recommend you highly and very soon, literally be singing your praises! You are a true joy!... Cheryl Moon

About Smoking:

Bo, in regards to hypnotism and sessions they have been for smoking and self healing. Both have offered me the true peace in being able to tune out everything but the clarity of my heart and the will of my feelings. I am now an X smoker and will continue sessions for self peace and healing. The sessions are so therapeutic to the soul. Thank you Bo. You are outstanding....Love Jeannie

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About Perception Shift:

"The work I did with Bo resulted in a complete restructuring of the thought paradigm I held about the issues we were working through.  Because of Bo's facilitated hypnosis, my perspective shifted profoundly, allowing me to feel forgiveness of others as well as a deep self-compassion.  The most amazing benefit has been the long-lasting effect of those sessions.  I have continued to embrace the healthy perspective I gained during our work.".....jb

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About Motivation and Weight Loss:

My first visit to Bo was for help with my eating habits. Up until that point, no matter how much I wanted to lose weight, I was stuck in a rut of bad eating habits. Despite self-inflicted guilt, I still found no way to motivate myself to change my eating habits. After my hypnosis session with Bo, I immediately stopped feeling the desire and uncontrollable urge to indulge in the excesses I'd been enjoyinh previously (candy, ice cream, etc.) Almost six weeks later, I still find I have not returned to my previous unhealthy eating pattern.

My second hypnosis visit to Bo was to give me a DESIRE and motivation to exercise. Before this point, no matter how much I wished I could get into shape, nothing motivated me to get up and actually put my body to work..through exercise. After my hypnosis session, I not only exercise daily but I no longer grab at every opportunity to push it from my schedule, and I am actually BUILDING it into my day, and, best of all... ENJOYING it.

Both of these are potentially life-changing. Where I could not find the innate drive to make my body do what i wanted it to do (eat healthy, and exercise) due to my hypnosos sessions I now am doing both things consistently and doing them naturally and with EASE... Van P.

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Smoking and Weight Loss:

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Meeting Bo has changed my life in several different aspects.  He has helped me quit smoking – something that all the gum and patches in the world could not do.  He helped me give up sweets, which in turn, helped me lose the weight I gained from quitting smoking.  Bo has also helped me with my self-esteem and my confidence.  In fact, I have accomplished much more during my sessions with Bo that I ever achieved in years of talk therapy.  He has offered wonderful suggestions and ideas that have helped me tremendously. I will forever be indebted to him and all that he can do.  He is truly avery special, talented and wonderful person.    (Oh, I left out AMAZING)!......Cathy Crisp

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Skin Issues:

I have been suffering from skin issues for several years.
Being somewhat aware that problems with ones skin are partly a result of "things" within, I decided to contact Bo for some guidance.
After several sessions I began to notice that I had some very positive improvements.
I now feel that I am on a positive path to healing my mind and body thanks to Bo.


I had been smoking cigarettes for over 20 years and unsuccessfully tried numerous cessation programs involving patches, gum, pills, etc...all providing only a temporary relief when I came to Bo.  He mentioned his hypnosis program has been very successful.  Skeptical at first, I gave it try,exchanging my smoking habit to deep breathing exercises and meditation.  I've been smoke-free and grateful to Bo everyday for teaching me a chemical-free solution to quitting. ....Debbie Zimmerman

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